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Free audit of your funeral home 

Have you ever wondered how your funeral home would fare if an OSHA inspector dropped in for a visit? Would you like to find out without actually having an unwanted visitor? If so, consider entering the OFDA’s annual drawing for a FREE, CONFIDENTIAL safety audit of your facility.

Each year, the OFDA conducts a random drawing of funeral homes that have expressed an interest in a safety audit and selects 15 to be audited. The audit consists of a written program and records review, interviews with funeral home staff, and an inspection of the prep room. The audit focuses on identifying compliance issues related to three of the most important OSHA regulations that pertain to funeral service: Bloodborne Pathogens, Formaldehyde, and Hazard Communication. At the completion of the audit, a confidential written report is prepared and submitted to the owner of the funeral home. The report describes compliance issues that were identified during the audit and prioritizes the actions the funeral home owner should take to address these issues.

The audits are performed by Barb Garrison from Safety & Environmental Solutions, LLC (SES). Barb has been providing safety and environmental consulting and training services for the OFDA for more than 20 years and she understands that business owners are sometimes hesitant to accept the offer of an audit, even if it is free and confidential. Often, employers feel that they are so far out of compliance that an audit would be of little help, and/or they believe that the recommended corrective actions would be overwhelming to implement. But, these are both good reasons why a business SHOULD have an audit: Barb can help fix some compliance issues on the spot, and the reports she prepares focus on the compliance issues that pose the greatest OSHA liability to funeral homes. What’s more, Barb is available to answer any questions you may have about the report and can provide you with the programs, records, information, and instructions you need to implement corrective actions – all at no cost to you.

Interested in OFDA's 2023 audit selection?

If you are interested in entering the 2023 safety audit drawing, please complete the Annual OSHA Safety Audit form and send to it Amy Zanetos at OFDA. If you have any questions about the audit process, please contact Barb Garrison at (614) 404-3384 or via email.

Jan. 19, 2023 - Dec. 31, 2024

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